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    Guangzhou Peiey Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
    CEO: Yongjian Li
    Cell phone: 13710310853
    QQ: 931266935

    Boss E-mail: boss@peiey.com
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    Service Hotline:
    020-22098910(20 lines)
    Fax: 020-39169389
    Addr.: No.6,Xinji east road,Nancun town,Panyu district,Guangzhou

    Hong Kong company: Jialong building,No.338,Jiali road,Kowloon,Hong Kong
    Tel: 0852-32335386

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           Guangzhou peiey audio equipment co., LTD. is located in guangzhou panyu audio industry base, is a collection of professional loudspeaker research and development, production, electronic product manufacturing, and audio system supporting services, the large-scale performance equipment leasing, large audio amplification scheme implementation as one of the manufacturer. The company now has more than technology development personnel, has professional unit production workshop, the manufacturing workshop, power amplifier production workshop and assembly workshop.



           peiey sound since its up to now, has been ten carry. In the company founder li lead bottom, start from scratch, from the earliest three hundred square meters of production workshop to now assembly workshop is nearly two thousand square, from the earliest single products to have different occasions forty the balance more than 90 types of products... The company products are used many times to large singing performance, all kinds of sports venues, large entertainment project, etc. Loved by consumers, in row has always enjoyed high reputation.



           Peiey and orle sound has been hold border to technical innovation for the development of the guidance, take the product quality as the foundation, take the good faith practical for code of conduct.Want to the client's thought, the anxious customer need.Product development the market consumption idea and trend, the service mechanism is agile, quick to let the consumer to use my company product save worry, comfortable and at ease.



           Peiey today, without the support of each friend. Thanks to my company has always been to give the support and help the industry friends We will work harder. In the future days, we will with more quality products and services to all contributions.At the same time, we sincerely invite all friends to cooperate with us, together create a more brilliant tomorrow!



    United States Peiey professional audio founder
    MR alan in 1978 founded the united states
    peiey electro-acoustic laboratory
    professional audio technology to very high attainments
    comparable to the European name brands of professional speaker
    Marketing throughout the United States Sales


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