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    PS - 12

    12 road supply timing controller

    The machine configuration air switch and the voltmeter. The design capacity of 10 kva. Large access terminals, shielding. To ensure that the system power supply security. No.12 power sequential control, each output AC220V (10 a) by universal socket, apply various type plug. Key lock control standards in a reliable way of external control interface: 5-24 DCV level control and short circuit control mode. A long-distance control switch can be attached. You can extend the connection, cascade control of multi-motor system. In this control mode, the first machine GuanQi, will bring the power sequence step by step.

    The machine rated capacity 50 a, air switch and voltmeter. Large access terminals, shielding. Safeguard system of power supply security. No.12 power supply output, each output AC220V (10 a) by universal socket, apply various type plug. 40 a double purification dedicated EMI filter (CISPR in Europe, the United States FCC specification) purification system power purification (type). Eliminate between systems (especially the lighting system of electromagnetic interference) guarantee system stability, the audio system, improve the sound quality also have obvious effect. Have the function of the keyboard LOCK (LOCK) to prevent wrong operation, and convenient for user management.

    19 inch, 3 standard case. Aluminium alloy panel, silver.

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